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Seventh, we continued to ensure and improve living standards in the course of pursuing development and enabled the people to share more fully and fairly in the benefits of reform and development.

We took prompt steps to ease the impact of changes in the external environment on employment. We made strong moves to ensure the implementation of policies on pay packages of teachers in compulsory education and stepped up the development of small rural schools and boarding schools in towns and townships. We established a system for the central government to allocate nationwide enterprise employees' basic aged-care insurance funds, raised retirees' basic pensions, and increased the minimum basic aged- care pension benefits for rural and non-working urban residents from 70 to 88 yuan per person per month.
We continued to increase benefits for entitled groups and subsistence allowances, and ensured that all people with disabilities who are eligible can access living allowances and nursing care subsidies. For demobilized military personnel, we improved service provision and management and protected their lawful rights and interests. Coordinated medical service, medical insurance, and pharmaceutical reforms continued. We made steady progress in developing the tiered diagnosis and treatment model. We raised the level of government subsidies for rural and non-working urban residents' basic medical insurance and the reimbursement rate of their serious illness insurance.
The reform for evaluation and approval of new medicines was stepped up; the prices of 17 cancer drugs were slashed and these drugs were included in the national medical insurance catalog. We sped up the implementation of cultural projects designed to benefit the people, and continued to strengthen public cultural services at the community level. Fitness-for-All activities flourished. Chinese athletes excelled themselves in international competitions.
Eighth, we made progress in building a rule of law government and pursuing innovation in governance and ensured social harmony and stability.
We submitted 18 legislative proposals to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for deliberation, and formulated or revised 37 sets of administrative regulations. We reformed and adjusted the composition and responsibilities of government bodies. The State Council conducted major accountability inspections to ensure the implementation of reform and development policies and plans. We made full use the role of auditing in oversight. We reformed and improved urban and rural governance at the primary level. New approaches were adopted to address public complaints. We reformed and strengthened emergency management, responded swiftly and effectively to major natural disasters, and achieved a continued reduction in both the total number of workplace accidents and the number of serious and major accidents.
We strengthened oversight over food and drug safety and investigated and took stern action in defective vaccines cases like that involving Changchun Changsheng. We improved the national security system. We strengthened comprehensive measures to maintain law and order, launched a campaign to combat organized crime and root out local mafia, and cracked down on crime and other legal violations in accordance with law. Further headway was made in carrying out the Peaceful China initiative.
We fully implemented the Party Central Committee's strategic decision on enforcing full and strict discipline over the Party, and intensified efforts to improve Party conduct and build a clean government. We moved to ensure that all Party members, on a regular and institutionalized basis, work to gain a good command of the Party Constitution, Party regulations, and General Secretary Xi Jinping's policy addresses and to meet Party standards. We acted in strict accordance with the central Party leadership's eight-point decision on conduct and the rules for its implementation. We took stern action against formalities performed for formalities' sake, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance. Activities of various types in violation of laws or regulations were severely punished or prosecuted. Steps were taken to bring the corrupt to justice, and the fight against corruption was a resounding success.
Over the past year, we attained new achievements in pursuing diplomacy with our own characteristics as a major country. We successfully hosted major diplomatic events such as the Boao Forum for Asia annual conference, the Qingdao Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. President Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders visited many countries and attended major international events, including the APEC Economic Leaders Meeting, the G20 Leaders Summit, the BRICS Leaders Meeting, the Asia-Europe Meeting, and the East Asian leaders' meetings on cooperation.
China's relations with other major countries remained generally stable, our relations with neighboring countries saw all-round growth, and our bond of unity and cooperation with other developing countries grew stronger. We promoted the development of a new type of international relations and a human community with a shared future, and resolutely protected China's sovereignty, security, and development interests. Our pursuit of economic diplomacy and cultural and people-to-people exchanges yielded rich fruit. China endeavored to promote world peace and development and made important contributions recognized around the world.

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characteristics [,kærəktə'ristiks]


n. 特性,特征;特质;特色(characteristi

corruption [kə'rʌpʃən]


n. 腐败,堕落,贪污

legislative ['ledʒisleitiv]


n. 立法机构,立法权 adj. 立法的,有立法权的

sovereignty ['sɔvrənti]


n. 主权,独立国

diplomacy [di'pləuməsi]


n. 外交

urban ['ə:bən]


adj. 城市的,都市的

conference ['kɔnfərəns]


n. 会议,会谈,讨论会,协商会

community [kə'mju:niti]


n. 社区,社会,团体,共同体,公众,[生]群落

legal ['li:gəl]


adj. 法律的,合法的,法定的

extravagance [iks'trævigəns]


n. 奢侈,浪费,放肆的言行